Our Camps

Windsurfing and Wing camps are a unique opportunity to try out new maneuvers and make great progress in a short time through professional guidance and intensive training. Our coaches will support you and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

What to expect

In addition to joint sessions and feedback directly in the water, depending on the setting, our training camps also include video analyzes and movement exercises on land. Only by combining the different elements will you achieve the greatest progress. From the first steps to jibe training to the first freestyle and wave maneuvers, you have the opportunity to try out all facets of windsurfing or wingsurfing/foiling and take your skills to the next level. By training in a group, you meet other windsurfers and wingsurfers and learn from and with them.

Our camps are rounded off with a colorful supporting program that ranges from yoga to movie nights to star interviews. Here are no wishes left.

Girls Camp

Our Girls Camps

At our Girls Camps the focus is on promoting female windsurfers and wingsurfers. We want to offer you a protected environment to try out windsurfing and learn from and with other female surfers. Windsurfers of all ages and (almost) all skill levels can take part in the 1001Grad Girls Camp. The main focus is on surfing together under the guidance of our professional coaches.

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